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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stargazer by Claudia Gray

With the end of summer break comes a new term for the students of Evernight Academy.
Bianca Oliver, now a second year student at the school, couldn’t be happier to see the new term, especially since it means she might get news from her boyfriend Lucas Ross, who she recently found out was a vampire hunter training with The Black Cross, a pack of vampire hunters that his family belongs to. Reeling from this realization, she’s now having trouble keeping her long distance relationship with him going, but she’s not willing to give him up, no matter how cute Balthazar More is …
Hurting Balthazar is the last thing Bianca wants to do, but knowing that her attachment to Lucas is too strong to wane, even with their separation, Balthazar helps Bianca come up with a plan so it’ll seem like she’s dating him, when in fact she’s really sneaking off to be with Lucas. Smooth Balthazar, smooth…
As if this isn’t complicated enough a string of deaths sets off the Black Cross, and a confusing encounter with a strange vampire girl gets Bianca tied to the case, getting her involved once again in the Black Cross’ dealings as well as throwing her and Balthazar even closer together.
But what else is new? Oh, did I mention the icy figures that keep showing up when Bianca least wants to see them, and kind of want to kill her? They’re new…
As everything around Bianca is starting to unravel in a flurry of mystery and hidden secrets, she’s starting to question everything she’s ever known, and if she’s really placed her loyalty in the right place.


In her thrilling sequel to the award winning novel, Evernight, Claudia Gray weaves an exciting tale of love, and intrigue, in a way that no one else can. Stargazer was impossible to put down, and I enjoyed every minute of it, except for when it ended of course!
I give it 5 out of 5 stars for wonderful writing and scenes with both Balthazar and Lucas (my new heart throbs) that took my breath away. She’s definitely one to watch in the YA or Young Adult Genre, and I for one will read any book put out by this brilliant story-teller.

For more information on Claudia Gray, you can visit her site and her LiveJournal! She also has a Facebook and a Twitter so be sure to sign up for her updates!

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