Sunday, August 10, 2008

"A Certain Slant of Light" by Laura Whitcomb

The story begins with the narrator, Helen. A 20 year old girl who's made from light like a ghost. She wanders around on earth thinking that she's done some great sin in the past. Following her hosts, and never being able to feel. She's watched host after host die, and yet she still goes on. When she meets James, or Billy (the name of the body he's taken over), she falls in love and the whole no contact thing becomes a problem. So James helps her inhabit a body, only being human doesn't end up being as easy and she thought, and as she learns more and more about her old body and the new one she's inhabited she realizes her trouble has just begun. The girls she;s inhabited is named Jenny. Her parents are super religious, and wont let her have a boyfriend. So she decides to see him at school. Only her parents notice her sneaking around and get suspicious. And just when you think things can't get anyways...


My Opinion on this book is not encouraging. Personally I found the sound of the narrators voice was good, and I liked the way it was written.... BUT I found the story really depressing and by the end I felt like I hated it! The characters were good but I felt the main characters didn't think through their decisions AT ALL, and they didn't really look for a body to take over that would work well for them. Also Billy had some issues that I didn't like. Anyways I was really disappointed... mainly because I like happy endings and this was not a book I felt had one.

I'm have to give it 2 stars.


Better known as, "My opinion's not the only one that matters in the world?!"
Just incase you've decided to ignore my review, and/or have read "A Certain Slant of Light" and thought it was great, and very well written, "Thank you very much!" I thought I'd add some info (OK, links...) on her for those of you so inclined to read more about her!

This is her Official site:

Plus I thought I'd throw in a "Nice" Review of her book just to show that some people don't hate it. :D

And if the review posted above has changed your mind at all, and you suddenly feel the need to cry out,

"I Want to read A Certain Slant of Light and I'm not ashamed! I don't care what you say ReaderGirl, I bet it's going to rock!"

Then perhaps you'd like to quietly slip on over to amazon and buy it here:

(I mean really, after that embarrassing scene, do you really want to be seen in a bookstore?)



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