Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Lucky" By Rachel Vail

“Lucky”, the title of Rachel Vail’s new novel, fits the book well, creating an ironic edge to the focus of the story. It basically represents many things throughout the book, defining the word in different ways. It could be interpreted as…
- Phoebe’s clique being lucky.
- How so many other people think these girls are lucky and wish they were a part of their group.
- People constantly telling Phoebe how lucky she is, and her always thinking that she’s not, in general and when things don’t go her way.
- Whether or not she really is lucky, being stuck in a group of friends who don’t seem to care much for one another, or other people who just happen to exist “meaninglessly” to them in their world.
-What luck really is.

But though this seems like an interesting metaphor, there was just nothing interesting about this book. The characters hardly, even in the end of the book seemed to learn the errors of their ways. For a while I thought they would but when it was all over, I got the feeling they wouldn’t change dramatically and, if they changed at all, it wouldn’t last long.

Then one of the best parts about picking up a good book is the relationships you feel you form with the characters. I’m sad to say that, in “Lucky”, no attachment was made. Since the characters in this book seem to care so little for each other, it was nearly impossible, for me as a reader, to care for them.
Usually in books, we look for close bonds between the characters themselves, or traits that we admire, have, or stride for in the characters that we’ve gotten a good first impression of, and that is when we start developing our attachment to them. But while reading “Lucky”, I’m sorry to say, I found nothing to make me attached to these characters.

Also I may add that I had a similar feeling when I read “If We Kiss”, another book by Rachel Vail. The characters just never seemed to develop. As for the plot, I wanted to stop and put this book down so many times just from sadness involved. Hardly anything good happens, and Phoebe, the main character, didn’t have good enough relationships with her friends and family to confide in anyone which always leaves me with an empty sad feeling inside. Then, to top it all off, the ending was predictable, and some of the problems were pushed aside, and forgotten. This reviewer has a feeling they won’t resurface again.

So all in all “Lucky” was unlucky for me, I give it 2 stars.

Ok So I think I will just do this with every book i review from now on... XD But if, once again, you dissagree with my review, want a second opinion, or just want to learn a little more about the author This will be on here for you to see! =D

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