Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The ABC's of Kissing Boys Review!

Parker’s life is going great. She’s in with the popular crowd and is about to get pushed up to varsity soccer in her junior year. But when the list of new varsity members goes up, and Parker isn’t on it, she’s crushed. Determined to come up with a way to get back on the team, she cooks up a plan with her older brother, Clayton, and his friend Luke Anderson, the boy who every girl at Parker’s high school still has the hotts for even though he’s already graduated.
The plan is a kiss, between Parker and Luke, at the Sports Fair’s varsity soccer team kissing booth. There is a contest to see who can raise the most money to get a parking spot for the coach. Parker’s positive that Varsity Coach Hartley will have to give her a spot on the team if she’s the one to help them raise the most money by kissing Luke, but she’s also painfully aware of the fact that she has little to no experience in that area.
She needs a teacher, someone who knows tons about kissing, as well as how to tie cherry stems into a knot with his tongue.
Enter Tristan, her neighbor from across the street, and son of her father’s arch enemy. He seems like the perfect teacher, only being his student comes with some consequences. When Parker's friends from school find out she’s been hanging out with a freshman, they plan all sorts of evil pranks to embarrass her and make her life miserable. And then there’s the problem that when her parents find out about her meeting with Tristan, she’s accused of fraternizing with the enemy.
As the Sports Fair and her goodbye with Tristan nears, Parker can feel her attachment to Tristan growing stronger and making her wonder if saying goodbye to Tristan is really what she wants, even if being with him will only make her life more difficult.
But sometimes you have to follow your heart, and ignore what other people say for what makes you truly happy. Times when after everything you’ve been through, you come out of it and realize it’s time to pucker up.


This book was too adorable! I loved it so much! I'm a sucker for the happily ever after ending, and I liked that Parker seemed to come away from all of her experiences with a better attitude towards her life, and everything she wanted. The ABC's of Kissing boys was a great light happy read that I'd definitely recommend! :)

4 stars!


TinaFerraro said...

Thank you soooo much for this lovely review. I'm really touched by how much you enjoyed the book. I had a wonderful time writing it, and may just return to these characters someday!

ReaderGirl said...

You're welcome! ^^ I hope you do!

cupcakewitch said...

Great review! Sounds very cute!

ReaderGirl said...


Ms. Yingling said...

It's good to get your take on this. I liked it, but wondered if other people might feel it was a little far-fetched. It hasn't been on the shelf since it got to my library.

ReaderGirl said...

Thanks Ms. Yingling! It's great people have been picking it up! ^^