Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Award Win!

Readergirl Reviews just won the Zombie Chicken award, awarded by the Cupcake Witch! So thanks girly! I couldn't be more proud! *dancesabaout*

In other news, don't forget to "Rock the Drop" tomorrow guys!

I know hardcovers can be expensive, but this is a super important cause and plus, you can always look at your own shelves and pass on a book you enjoyed to someone else! For this one day, let's just totally geek out and spread the word about how much we love the books we love! Reading is so important as far as learning goes, and even from books that I don't read from school I learn stuff so it's just such a great resource, plus just getting sucked into a book can make you totally forget about any troubles YOU might be having and take you off into a whole new world. Let's get our fellow teens reading, and loving it!


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