Thursday, June 4, 2009

Help With Upcoming Interview From YOU!

Ok, so I've got an interview with Daniel Waters (Author of Generation Dead) coming soon, possibly next week, but I really need some help with questions! Any ideas? Much appriciated! >.<



Jenna said...

How about:

"What were some of the books you were required to read in school? Did you enjoy any of them? If so, which ones?

Dahlia said...

I'd like to help, but I stink at coming up with interview questions. >_<

cupcakewitch said...


Can you ask him about his taste in music? I feel like he has awesome taste!

brave chickens said...

Generation Dead was soooo good :)

Q) In your book you show how more love and support meant the zombie teen is more human. Where did you get this idea from (because it is similar to how in Harry Potter his mother's sacrifice = protection from Voldemort)