Monday, June 29, 2009

The Week of Daniel Waters

Hey guys, welcome to our second author week featuring Daniel Waters! (**Side note** From now on these will be held every two weeks, featuring a new author cause it's way past time for me to get organized about this blogging thing! ;P)

Here's how the week's gonna go:

Monday: (TODAY!) Contest for Signed paperback of Generation Dead by Daniel Waters! *Rules below*

Tuesday: Too Many Books Tuesday: Zombie Edition

Wednesday: Review of Generation Dead (First book in the series)

Thursday: Kiss of Life Review (Eep! *girlysqueal*.... *coughcough* Anywho!)


Friday: Interview with Dan, and I announce the winner of the contest!

WOO! I'm so excited! >_<;; OK, so, on to how to get a signed book.

First Entry: Comment and tell me about you're favorite Zombie out of Dan's books.

+1 Follow me on Twitter. (And Tweet me! Seriously, I love hearing from you guys! ;P)

+1 Follow Dan's Blog. (I'm sure he'd love to hear from you too!)

+2 Link this post to your blog, or tweet, facebook, myspace, whatever it and leave me a link.

+3 Take, draw, paint, or photoshop a picture inspired by Generation Dead/ Kiss of Life, and email it to me. (Or post it on your blog, send me a link to it on photobucket, whatever.)

+5 Make a Video inspired by Zombies and leave me a link in your entry post.

Leave a comment about whatever you're doing to enter, and for postage reasons, USA entries only please, sorry!

There you have it! Go enter, and good luck! Enjoy the rest of Daniel Waters week!


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