Monday, June 22, 2009

Movie Monday cancled/ where the heck have I been

WELL! You may have noticed I've been rather inactive as of late, not posting my weekly memes and such and I felt it was time for some explenations/ excuses.

Mostly I've just been to busy as far as the memes go, SO to make it easier on myself Movie Monday (Sadly) is no more. BUT I will be able to keep up my Too Many Books Tuesday posts by getting rid of Movie Monday so I see it as a good thing! ^^

Also this doesn't mean I'll NEVER post about movies I see again... Actually I hardly ever go to the movies, the last Movie Mondays were a freak coincidence XD so it'll work out better, and that way I can devote more time to Reviews cause that's what this is all about anyways! :)

Also I haven't completly fallen off the radar cause I am on my Twitter just about every day... *obsessedwithtweets* Talking about random stuff and books I'm reading! XD It's fun times for all! (Or so I like to think...) ANyways, thanks for reading, and also big thanks to the new blog followers and new twitter followers for stalking me, it means a lot! :)



cupcakewitch said...

Some days it just easier to tweet than blog, eh?

I hear ya!

ReaderGirl said...

XD totally! lol do you have twitter?? :O *must follow*