Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Long time no... um, read?

Hey all! It's been weeks since I've blogged properly but school's started and it's been a bit of a hassle going from my summer schedule to my school schedule, so I promise I'm working on it but it'll just take a little balancing... e.e

Lots of fun stuff planned for September though, I've gotten a ton of great new upcoming books that'll be coming out next month that I've loved and I can wait to tell you just how much I loved them! ;)

We'll be having a week of Maximum Ride by James Patterson the first week of September, with an review of Maximum Ride and moooaaar! Plus Big Honcho Media is doing a HUGE promotion for Max the latest Maximum Ride Novel (Out in Paperback NOW!)that I'm lucky enough to be apart of!

It basically includes all of the Maximum Ride books including the Manga of the first book and James' new best seller, Daniel X! So, seriously guys, it's gonna be a great month. Trust me!

Hope you guys've stuff with me even though I've been a bit lax about posting as of late. Really love hearing from you guys, and I'm trying to plan as much stuff ads I can so you'll keep coming to visit me but I am just human despite popular belief so I sometimes have massive blogging fails at random intervals. It happens! ;)

Love ya'll, and keep checking back for posts eventually they will be here! XD



Anonymous said...

This is a favorite series in our house. Also, I couldn't help but notice CRAZY BEAUTIFUL. Loved that book!

ReaderGirl said...

That's great J.Kaye! You should deffo enter the contest! Even if you already own them you could get a friend to read um too! ;)

Loved Crazy Beautiful too!