Monday, November 9, 2009

Winners, and Random Chat

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of blogging lately! X_x Nano.... hasn't been going well for me xD I actually managed to hold onto the dea of starting for 3 days this year instead of two, but hey that's progress! 8D

Naw, honestly this month just started out really crazy for me and it's just not a good month for Nano! D8 But I'm thinking about saming all the pep talks in my email and trying again in January as a good karmic way to start out the year on a positive note. 8) hehe

Anywho, how's everyone elses nano's going?! Seriously I wanna know! And if you have tips bring them on!

Also, the winners of the posters are... Kieran and Kelsey! hehe

Let me know which ones you want!




Dahlia said...

NaNo's not going very well for me either. I just haven't had much time to write, and when I do I hardly get anything done. I think my word count is just over 2000 right now. T_T
I wish I'd had more time to prepare. Being the procrastinator that I am, I only spent about two weeks getting my notes and character info in order, which was not nearly enough time. It took a week to write one character's history alone!
Anyway, I probably won't win NaNo this year, but unlike last year, I will finish the book I'm working on (again, since it's a rewrite).

Maria said...

Congrats Winners!

Dahlia said...

Congrats! You've just won some awards from my blog!
Click here to see what you got!

Kieran said...

Like, me Kieran? WOOT.
(Just ignore that if there was magically another Kieran that won. ^_^)
Oh, you wanna know why that's weird that the other winner is Kelsey?
Or, actually, you probably already know! LOL!

NaNo is actually going along very nicely for me! I have a little over half of my word count finished. But I'm starting to really get the writers block, ugh!