Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interview with Jackson Pearce! (As You Wish)

As You Wish is your first published book--YAY! What a gift! Is there anything you could get for Christmas that could top finally seeing your book on the shelves after all the time spent preparing it for your readers?

To be honest...no! Nothing realistic, anyway. If we're going for unrealistic, I'd like to get a long, stable writing career with lots of good books. But I don't think that fits in a stocking :)

What got you started as a writer?

I couldn't find the book in the library that I wanted to read, so I decided to write it myself-- I was about nine or ten at the time. I've been writing ever since.

Did it take you long to break into the business?

Long is such a subjective thing-- at the time, it felt like centuries, but I know some people have to wait much longer (and some much shorter). It took me about two years.

When you first heard the news that As You Wish was going to be published, what expectations did you have, and did any of those change as time passed?

I thought EVERYONE at my publisher would be backing my book with all their hearts. But then I realized all those editors have their own authors who have their own books to back, and that it, alas, wasn't just about me. I learned to not expect to be a big fish in a small pond right away.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Separate writing from publishing. Writing is something you do because you love it. Publishing is something you do because you want to make money. They are two very different things.

As a writer you get lots of perks (right?!) including some ARC's of upcoming releases. What were some of your favorite books of '09?

I loved SHIVER, THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES...I feel like I've read a million books this year, and to be honest, there were very few duds.

Did you ask for any books for Christmas? If so, which ones?

I didn't! Because I buy books all the time for myself, haha-- hey, it's for business! I did, however, just order HATE LIST, MAGIC UNDER GLASS, and STORY OF A GIRL (still hadn't read it!), I guess I could call that a Christmas present to myself?

What plans do you have for the holidays?

I spend the holidays with family. I LOVE Christmas in a serious, serious way.

Do you tend to avoid writing this time of year, or use the cold
weather as an excuse to stay inside?

I write about the same amount regardless of the season, though I am especially busy this winter-- I'm juggling several books at once.

As the year draws to a close what are you most thankful for?

The fantastic friends I've made in the industry, and how fortunate I've been to be able to do what I love for a living.

Last question--I'm dying to know how you're Nanowrimo went! Did you
finish and do you think you'll try to get it published?

I did not finish! FAIL on me. I got about 30k in and had to step back to work out some plot stuff, and by then I was woefully behind. I will finish it though, eventually. I'd like to try and get it published, but I'm trying to remember that it was my "just for fun" book.


Thanks for the wonderful interview Jackson!

You can learn more about Jackson's upcoming books, as well as read her delightful chatter at her blog here. Look out for my review of As You Wish sometime this week!

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