Friday, December 4, 2009

Re-Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin (Review)

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For those of you who don’t yet know about the awesome that is Cycler, check out my review here! Or watch this awesome book trailer Lauren made!

OR! Read the first three chapters here! There's just so many options, you can't NOT at least give this book a try. For me?! You will love it I swear!!!

And here's my review of Re-Cycler!


Among the many wonders of our world, one in perticular has captured my heart… and his name Jack McTeague!!! 8D *gigglefit*

Ok, seriously though, if you were as in love with Cycler as I was, you will adore this sequal! Lauren does a great job in taking the story in a whole new direction that keeps you so glued to the book that you better clear a day or so to read it in one sitting.

The charicters have already developed so much in this book, and I felt like I knew them so much better after reading it. Jack really seems to come into his own more, and I loved that we got to get to know him more as a person and not just the other half of Jill*. And Jill was definitely moving past all the rough stuff that happened in Cycler to find herself again and remember that she isn't just defined by Jacks existance.

As a fan I was really excited that I was able to read this one early**, and I was so glad I wasn’t dissapointed in how it turned out.

Although, I may have to have a talk with Lauren about how she’s supposedly not writing another book***.... We gotta work that out... -_-

But so good! haha Read it! ^_^


* Of course we got to see him as a person in Cycler too, but there was MOAR of that in Re-Cyler! 8) SO good.

** Especially since I feel like I’ve been waiting YEARS to get to read it!

*** See interview I did with Lauren on Wednesday.


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