Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maximum Ride Review/ Last day to enter to WIN!

“It’s sooo great,” “You’re gonna love it,” “Fang is soooo hot!”

At one point I was being pressured from all sides to read this book, and to be honest at first I was very hesitant… but that was before I read the first one…

I dipped into the world of Maximum Ride coming in on a mad flight, running away from a crazy group of Erasers, and fighting for my life, alongside my new friend Max. We narrowly escape but that’s not the end of our trouble. Nearly as soon as I’m introduced to the rest of the gang, we learn that trouble has followed us home.

In that one moment, my life of lounging on the couch with a soda, a bowl of Cheese-Its, and a book has turned upside down, and now I’m part of an adventure; a scary story that’s ending is sitting right in my hands, only I’m too nervous to look. And so, I keep reading. There’s no turning back.

I wish I could say that now I know we’ll make it through ok, but the fact is, I still have a few books to go, and I honestly don’t know. But Max and the gang could really use your help. Are you game?

If you’ve ever wanted to fly to great heights, be a part of something bigger then yourself, and kick butt, Maximum Ride is the book for you. You’ll constantly feel like you’re right there in the action with Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge, Angel, and of course Max.


Hey guys, this is your LAST DAY to enter to WIN ALL OF JAMES PATTERSON’S YA BOOKS. I don’t want anyone to miss out their chance to win so MAKE SURE TO ENTER BEFORE 12 TOINIGHT! I’ll be posting the winner FRIDAY.

REMEMBER, all you have to do to enter is comment on the promotion post, and then you're in! You can comment as many times as you want until 12 tonight and then it's officially closed.

Thanks guys!


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