Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TADA Tuesdays

So just moments ago I was inspired to do a new meme by non other the the Persnickety Snark, the amazing and wonderful Adele, who recently did a post on "Bad Boys in YA" which I LOVED! And so, TADA Tuesday has been born!

Every Tuesday I'll highlight a blogger/ blog post I found particularly delightful for that week and blab on and on about how great it is! 8D

Sound fun? I think so! *_* And so, Bad Boy's in Ya....


I have realised, as of late, that no book is complete without a bad boy. When you set out to write a story without one it doesn't work; there's something missing if you will; that spark of trouble, that glint of pure bad boy that entices the reader to go on. Without it you have a heroine but no one to challenge her, to show her the ways of the dark side in which there are no gender restrictions holding her back. Without it you have a plot line yes, but no one bad enough to twist it all up into one satisfying delicious read that will make me swoon and love you forever!

Along with this rather obsessive realization I've also found that I've been attracted to the bad boy since the dawn of my time. But havn't we all? Come on, let's take a poll, raise you're hand if you have always been a bad boys girl.... (You-- yeah you in the corner there with the Edward t-shirt, I know you see me! Raise you're hand!)

See? So many hands!

From Gossip Girls Chuck Bass (Womanizer, yes, but he's now reformed!), to Peter Pan (Even in the animated version... and the fact that he could fly! 8D *coughcough* NEwho.... e_e)

We've all come across our far share of bad boys, and even when we know that loving them will not end pleasantly, we continue to fall to their feet in admiration and longing. I think it's fairly simple to tell why, but let's list the reasons anyways!

In order of importance:

~ The Grin

~ The Eyes

~ The Hair

~ The Voice

~ The... Muscles... *gulp*

Take that Image for a moment, and match it to all the things you love the most in life, and you will soon realize their influence over you. From TV, to movies, to books... chocolate (They give it to you (Feed it to you preferably))<, Cologne (YUM), Flowers>(They think of you when they see them and pick one and (Sneak through you're window and drop in on you're pillow with a dangerous note asking you to meet him at the clock tower at midnight! *eep!*) gives it to you.)


And instantly they have our hearts. So here's to you bad boys, for making us turn all gelloied at the very site of you. (Must have ninja powers! 8O) Bravah!

Here's a list of some of my favorite bad boys! ;)

From Books:

~ Gilbert Blithe (Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery)

~ Loren (House of Night series, books 2 and 3 (mostly three) by Kristen and P.C. Cast)

~ Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)

~ Jack (Cycler, and Recycler by Lauren McLaughlen *LOVESMOST*)

~ Fang (Maximum Ride series by James Patterson)

~ Cephan (Water Trilogy by Kara Dalkey (Great read that doesn't get enough attention! Go read um!))

~ Adrian (Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead)

Movies/ TV:

~ Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

~ Tom (Becoming Jane, played by James Mcavoy)

~ The Brothers of Ipswitch (AKA, All "the Covenant" boys for their.... amiable qualities....*_*)

~ Chef Gordon Ramsey (Hells Kitchen, the F Word... I know, ladies, I know...X_x)

~ Daniel Craig (If you have to ask.... O_o)

~ Drew Roy (iCarly: iLikeaBadBoy (or whatever) and Hannah Montana: He Could Be The One.... He could be! o_o)

~ Warren Peace (Is it unfair that Steven Straight made the list TWO times? e_e From Sky High)

Thanks again to Adele for her inspirational post and her awesome reviews and general book chat! We love her!

Don't forget to check out the Maximum Ride promotion post so you can ENTER TO WIN a HUGE PRIZEPACK of ALL HIS YA BOOKS!

So..... who're YOUR favorite bad boys, huh? *raiseseyebrowssuggestivly*



rosalie said...

I I love your post it's great I love things like this! my faveorite bad boys are edward cullen and jasper cullen and then chuck bass and also ash redfern from n the night world series and also quinn redfern from the night world series

Kieran said...

I'm a bit obsessed with
Draco Malfoy now.



ReaderGirl said...

Thanks so much Rosalie! I must read the Night World series apparently I've gotten a few good about it recently... o.o

@Kieran LUL Really?? That's too fun.

Kieran said...

Yeah, especially after the latest movie(Half Blood Prince, right?), I mean, how hot was that black suit?


ReaderGirl said...

It's niiiiccceeee when guys can pull off the all black suit! *nodnods*

I bet I can think of someone else who can... *drools* XP

Kieran said...

Totally, plus, y'know, he's got the accent. Team Draco all the way! *pumps fist in the air*

Ohyeah. *nods*

ReaderGirl said...

Yeah, add an accent to almost anyone and you got urself a hottie! xP lol