Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frostebite by Richelle Mead

After Victor Dashkov kidnaps his own niece, Lissa, and escapes prison, with the help of his newly turned Strigoi daughter, Rose thinks things can’t get any worse, but then she remembers abruptly that Victors absence will let Christian and Lissa finally get closer and take their relationship to the next level, and Rose can read Lissa’s mind... Greeeaaattt.

As if Rose doesn’t have enough to deal with - Mason’s persistent attentions and Lissa thinking the medication she’s on might be wearing off - her crush on Dimitri is getting more and more difficult to ignore and while Christian’s aunt and guardian is in town visiting, with butt kicking magical self-defense and a major crush on Dimitri, it’s going to be a long winter… Especially since Dimitri seems to like her back.

But within a short amount of time the vampire world is in turmoil again, and the Strigoi attack on a royal family has everyone in an uproar, because there’s no way that Strigoi could have broken the magical barriers surrounding the house by themselves, they would have had to have human help…

Now the question of whether it’s time to fight back and get rid of the Strigoi once and for all has come up, only there’s not enough Dhampirs to fight the Strigoi and still keep the Moroi alive; if only the Moroi could be trained to fight alongside their guardians, then maybe they could defeat the Strigoi once and for all…

But if none of the Moroi want to put themselves on the front lines, and the ones that are willing aren’t allowed to fight, how will the Dhampirs stop the Strigoi from taking out every royal Moroi family they can?


SO intense! I liked this book a lot though I cried at the end (as I did with Shadow Kiss… see review next week.) It was still very good, the writing and plot got better in this one, not that either was bad before but you can tell they’ve developed really well. I felt for Rose even more then the first book because of how much she’s put on the line in being Lissa’s guardian. She grows so much in this novel and it was great to see. ANYWHO, a great sequel to Vampire Academy, and it was quite good.

Four stars!


brave chickens said...

I've read the first book :)

ReaderGirl said...

Awesome! ^^ Read the others! *spookyhypnoticvoice*