Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movie Monday: Star Trek

Ok so along with my book obsession I am also a HUGE movie buff, SO I thought I'd take mondays to gush about the latest one I've seen wether it be on tv oor in the theater. SO here we go this weekend I saw..... STARTREK! Now I know what you're thinking (*mindreader*) but NO I am not a Trek-y..... yet.... e.e But seriously you guys, the movie was SOOOO good! Like way way way more amazing then I expected. I mean, it looked cool and all in the previews but that wass nothing compaired to the whole thing!

Now there was only one delema I had while watching the movie.... who did I like more, Spock, or Kirk?? And so I've decided that since they're friends it's pretty much totally fine for me to have them both! XP But seriously you guys, they just made Star Trek cool (for me at least, don't take offence long time fans!). >.< All about the hotties for this girl.... and they were. lol

But anyways the effects were really amazing and the actors all did a great job! I never personally watched Star Trek but I was watching it with some definite Trek-y's and they seemed pretty pleased though they said they definitely left stuff out but that the core of the story was there and I think that's good. :)

I don't think you have to be a fan to see the movie either cause like I said I wasn't at all before but now I totally want to watch every season! >_< Though I must say it did seem like I was missing things from time to time, like inside fan only (stay away impostor) sort of stuff, which as a fan I think I would have enjoyed cause I love those moments in things I am a fan of myself XD But alas I didn't really catch them.... T_T

But anyways it was a terrific movie and probably the best of the year so far!

What did you guys think?

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