Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Award

From Dahlia of Dahlia's Eclectic Mind (Right there with ya, girly! XP)

It's the... One Lovely Blog Award!

Honestly, I was so thrilled to get this! XD (Thanks Dahlia!) Cause I've seen it around the blogosphere quite a few times and it's just so darn pretty! D8 SO YAY! *claps*

Dahlia said that she was supposed to give it to 15 bloggers and while that would be awesome I don't even think I follow that many XD SO I'm just going to give it to the ones that I really look forward to reading (Minus Dahlia cause I don't think I can reaward it to her... XD Mentally though!)


Persnickety Snark

Writers Block Reviews

Em's Bookshelf

Reverie Book Reviews

Imperial Beach Teen

Just Blinded Book Reviews

{Insert Book Title Here}

Reviewer X

And there you have it! Be sure to check out these awesome bloggers, and comment cause we all love comments! XP


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