Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whatcha Reading Wednesday

WELL. I've had a pretty productive reading week I think! Since I totally spaced and didn't post last week at least... I finished Eat, Prey, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for school, which was so amazing and made me want to travel the world even more!

Then I finished Shadow Kiss which-- oh wait, review next week... grr... e.e

I JUST finished How To Be Bad which was so much fun! XD I NEED to dounload "These Boots Are Made For Walking" now. >_< I Also loved that it was written collaboratively by three authors I so want to do that someday! XD But it made the book really interesting. :) And then I've just been wanting to road trip so bad lately so it was a great escape for me, very fun. :D

What have YOU been reading??

~ Readergirl

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