Friday, May 1, 2009

Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress by Tina Ferraro

Being dumped right before prom is Nicolette’s nightmare, and when Rascal, the hottie (hot-hottie) of Nic’s dreams who invited her to prom in the first place, makes it a reality, she’s left with one gorgeous dress that fits her in all the right places, and nowhere to wear it. And the worst part is that not only does she have the dress as a stunningly painful reminder of her (almost) happily ever after, but she also can’t stop thinking about Rascal. Too bad the reason he dumped her is coming back for vengeance; and she just got her claws done...

Add to that the fact that her parents’ divorce has basically eliminated her dad from her life, and her mother hasn’t sold a house in weeks and you’ve got her life! But Nicolette’s determined to turn it all around, even if it means mooching rides of her best friend Allison’s (pain in the butt) brother Jared, and having to deal with the rivalry between him and Rascal that may (or may not) be about her.

But Nicolette doesn’t really mind, especially because she’s finding out that hanging out with Jared might totally be worth the social risk…. And then some.

With conflicting feelings about Rascal, his surprisingly sudden interest in her, and feeling confused about Jared’s intentions, WHILE worried about how her own feelings could affect Allison, Nicolette’s more than a little lost. Zipping up and applying gloss isn’t going to help with this one, and so what? It’s not like she’d ever get a chance to wear her dress again anyways… right?


Yet another fab book by Tina! I actually cried at the end of this one. XD It's not like it was because the subject matter was so deep but it had such a happy ending which I <3 and I just couldn't help it! XD *secretly loves crying over books* (Better reading experience! ;P)

Anyways I really cared about how Nicolette's story would end and I was pretty happy with the way it ended. :) I thought the idea for the book was really smart and it was just an amazingly cute, fun read.

5 stars!

(Sorry this was so late guys! I meant to post it on Thursday but life happened so now it's late. XD Hope you like!)

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