Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Fun

Happy Birthday to me! I had a party with friends this week in which i got about 5 Barnes and Noble gift cards to spend how I may (Most of it's gone now sadly... T_T), Blue Moon by Alyson Noel, A Target gift card (Makeup, hair products, cds, and movies are also high on the list of things I like to obsess over! 8D), and THESE!

Get ready for some FUN Twilight series reinactments via youtube people! LOL

Anyways, back to the B&N gift cards, I bought.... Fragile Eternity, Prophecy of the Sisters (WOOT!), and a book about Meditating (There's so much stress in my life... X_x lol kidding! Sorta... e.e)

And I'm waiting very impatiently for Shiver to come out so must save a little money for that! *grabby hands*

All and all good birthday! :) I've had like 5 party/ get together/ treat type things this year, so I'm doing very well! lol

YAY for being older! :P


Dahlia said...

Happy birthday! ^_^

a flight of minds said...

Happy Birthday! Lots of good books it seems. I have actually yet to read Fragile Eternity...

- Alex

ReaderGirl said...

Thanks guys! I really wanna start it Alex, it looks pretty! X_x lol