Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Generation Dead Review/ Win SIGNED Paperback Copy


Phoebe Kendall’s not exactly popular at her school. Her black hair and Goth wardrobe tend to send out a “don’t come hither” vibe, and when she starts hanging out with Zombies, things only get worse.

Though joining the newly formed Hunter Foundation for the “Differently Biotic”, a research facility that also serves as a home for zombies in need, seemed like a good idea at the time, the piles of hate mail, and bullies in and out of school who are against the zombies rights to live are making it seem like a bad one.

In the first book, Phoebe meets Tommy, a differently biotic boy who joins the school football team, facing opposition from the start, not only from the parents, teachers, and general community, but even from his team mates. The other boys don’t want Tommy on the team, and not just because being differently biotic makes him move slower than a normally biotic person, but because he’s a zombie.

All the boys threaten and bully Tommy to the point where someone else might have quit the team all together, but Tommy sticks it out with the help of the only player on the team who’s semi-sensitive to Differently Biotic relations.

Enter Adam, former football bully turned enlightened martial arts master. He’s got a huge thing for his childhood friend Phoebe and when Phoebe shows an interest in Tommy it makes trying to be friendly a little hard, but Tommy’s got bigger problems then Adam’s grudge. Pete, Adam’s former best friend and newly appointed enemy has it out for all of the undead since his girlfriend Julie died and didn’t come back to life.

Meanwhile, Phoebe’s started going out with Tommy, making things tense between her, Adam, and Tommy. As her feelings for Tommy grow, she can’t help but wonder if she’s falling in love with a Zombie. Then, Tommy tells her that he’s heard a kiss from your one true love might be able to bring you back from the undead, and the revelation sets Phoebe to thinking he might just be using her to get another chance at the life he lost.



Can't say enough how much I LOVED this book! The charicters were very relatable (even the zombies) and the only one I really didn't like was Pete but I think that was mostly to be expected. >_< Actually the chapters in his POV bothered me a little because I wanted to get back to Phoebe's story (And Tommy.... *Swoooon*) and I found them pretty depressing because of all of the Zombie bashing, *doesn't read sad books* but they have an important place in the story so I was glad that I'd kept with it in the end. :P

Phoebe as a main character is so cool to me, I think part of the reason is that she dares to be different even if that means having Adam pretend not to be BFFs with her at first, or getting strange looks in the hall. It's like she's above caring so much that it brings her down, and that made her seem really strong.

I loved the progression of her relationship with Tommy and how he seemed to say so much with few words. *giggle* It was like it developed on a mental level really deeply because it was hard for him to communicate and that was just insanely cool to me.

Adam = <3! Whether I'd choose him over Tommy I'm still undecided about, but Adam's a really stand up guy and somebody I'd love to know in real life!

Margie's fun, her prejudice against the zombies put me off a little in the beginning but you know, she's Margie so I forgave her... ;)

Other then the Pete chapters that slowed it down a bit for me, the plot flowed really nicely, the story was really original, and well writtenm and I was really happy I'd read the book in the end! I'd actually been wanting to buy it for MONTHS before I was finally able to, so I was so glad when I finally got to read it, and liked it a ton! ^^

Would definetely recomend this one to anybody who will listen! XD

And now... how to win a SIGNED paperback copy of Generation Dead!

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Hang Yourself From Stolen Dreams <3 said...

Here's my entery :)

- My favorite zombie is Tommy. I love him. He's romantic and sweet and caring. A perfect gentleman. He's like a prince from a Disney movie, but dead. That makes him even better. He'd do anything for Pheobe. He's not afraid to take risks and stick up for others, no matter what the consquences may be. I'm defiently Team Tommy (sorry Adam, but I still love you!)

- I'm following you. My name is ParawhoreFaye. You can even check. I also mentioned you in a Tweet!!

- Already am.

-Does this count?

- I have many Gen Dead drawings, but this is my favorite
You know it's mine because I signed the bottom of the dress.

- I hope you like this video!!

Hang Yourself From Stolen Dreams <3 said...

Oh, crap! I just realised how old this was XD

ReaderGirl said...

haha ahw I'm sorry! I tell you what, you went through a lot of trouble so I can give you the same number of entries in myHush Hush contest if you want?