Saturday, July 18, 2009

In My Mailbox (2)

In My Mailbox was originally started by Kristi, The Story Siren, and she was inspired to create it by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. Basically it's just a fun way to let everyone who wants to know what you've been reading (*coughcough* Haurding...*cough/gag*), what you plan to read (look at, ponder reading, eventually return to the library due to due date restrictions), and what You ARE reading. Thanks To Kristi for starting this, and don't forget that you can make your VERY ON In My Mailbox post and add it to the IMM blogger links list attached at the end of all of Kristi's IMM posts! ^^

Not a ton of books actually IN MY MAILBOX this week, but finally, FINALLY (!) I got Prophecy of the Sisters and that one was super important to me! XD *wootwoot* lol

Also got Blue Moon by Alyson Noel which I was also super excited about, (Evermore all the way!) and The Vampire Diaries book 1 (includes first two books since they were originally published years ago and have been reprinted for the new vampire age.) by L.J. Smith, and 30 Days to Finding and Keeping Sassy Sidekicks and BFFS by Clea Hantman because the cover it adorable, and actually I've been having some friendship issues lately, so I definitely want to learn how to take better care of my girlys (and guys xP).

Woot! PLUS I was so excited cause I finally packaged up my Book-Mooches today! I've been holding them hostage until I could actually get the packaging and I feel so bad for the folks who've been waiting, but this is my first time sending so hopefully I'll get better at it! XD



Rebecca said...

Blue Moon and Prophecy of the Sisters you are so lucky. Hope you enjoy reading them.

Windowpane Memoirs said...

I LOVE Prophecy of The Sister and I read all The Vampire Diaries series.


The Book Explorer said...

Oooh Great books!

I got PotS too. <33

Enjoy your books!

Amelia said...

Great book week! I hope you enjoy reading them.

Lizzy said...

Is the Vampire Diaries the series that's getting turned into a tv series by the CW? Prophecy of the Sisters sounds really interesting. Happy Reading!

ReaderGirl said...

It is Lizzy! I'm so excited to watch it! hehe

ReaderGirl said...

Thanks guys!

a flight of minds said...

The Vampire Diaries is really good. I badly want to read Blue Moon and Prophecy of Sisters. Great books, so I hope you have a great time reading!

- Alex

a flight of minds said...

The Vampire Diaries is good. I really want to read Blue Moon and Prophecy of the Sisters. Great books, so I hope you have a great time reading them!

- Alex