Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters Review


Since Adam crossed the bridge from life to undeath, things for Phoebe haven’t been easy. She’s wracked with guilt over the fact that he lost his life trying to save hers, and she’s dealing with the emotional turmoil that arose when Tommy wasn’t willing to take the same risk. In fact she hasn’t spoken for Tommy for months for just that reason.

While taking care of Adam’s family, and help Adam recover from the change of becoming a zombie is a daunting task, Phoebe complies, seeing it as her responsibility to help; a way to repay Adam’s undying love. But does she love him?

Every day she spends with him she feels more and more like the answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten all about Tommy. Not at all. As much as she wants to mend the rift in their relationship she can’t get over the fact that Adam lost his life because of Tommy, and that Tommy could’ve taken the bullet and not-lived to tell the tale.

Then, with the arrival of two new guests at the Hunter Foundation, trouble arises. There have been more and more cases of the infamous white vans killing innocent differently biotic teens and their care takers and the new students didn’t escape an attack unscathed.

But worse, thinking they’ve come to the Hunter Foundation for a safe place to live, they, and all the other Differently Biotic club kids, are finding out that a conspiracy may be haunting the halls of the foundation, and if word gets out, the whole place will come down in ruins. The zombies begin the split into two halves, the innocent deaths that want to find a way to unite the world, and the startling monsters from our legends, out for revenge against those who have wronged them, and everybody else too.

Things are changing in the zombie world, and whether for better or for worse we don’t know, but by the end of this captivating sequel, we know for sure that a war is coming, and we’re on team zombie.



I actually think I may have liked this one better... I don't know how, but SOMEHOW Daniel Waters has outdone himself. Kiss of Life was somehow even better then the first book. More intriguing, exciting, shocking, and amazing then I'd even imagined.

Though I was sad at Tommy's departure I was happy in a way that Adam was with Phoebe and that all seemed semi well with them in the end. Still though, I can't decide if I'm hoping for her to stay with Adam, or be with Tommy. =/ I think I'm just about as confused and Phoebe herself on that one.

But all and all a terrifically captivating read! I can't WAIT for the next book! Eeeep!

5 flowers!

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Awesome! I love Gen Dead!